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Our most versatile product yet. This micro-cap product allows fine
detailed engraving similar to a foil cap product (like Gravoply 2,) but the non-foil solid plastic cap offers more overall durability. This cap is so durable, in fact, it can be used indoor or outdoor. Even better, this fully UV stable 2-ply product can be engraved with a rotary or laser engraver. This
product is available in a variety of overall thicknesses .020”, .062”, .090” (0.5 mm, 1.6 mm, 2.4 mm) and offers many matte and satin surface finishes to choose from. Reduce your overall inventory value by stocking just one product line for all your 2-ply needs.


An indoor laserable product at a lower price. Construction of material is an acrylic core and a foil cap designed for detailed engraving. This product is offered in a wide range of colors which are laser and rotary engravable. Excellent for interior signage.


Flexilase™ is a high-resolution material that is flexible and engraves on rotary and CO2 laser systems. Just 0.25mm (0.01 inches) thick, Flexilase™ is ultra-flexible and an ideal solution for all your engraving needs on curved and flat surfaces. Whatever technology you use—laser or mechanical engraving—Flexilase™ offers outstanding cutting and engraving results.


Still our most popular product, Gravoply 1 is constructed with a standard .010” (0.25 mm) cap layer and perfect for almost any indoor application.


The microthin .001” (0.025 mm) foil cap of Gravoply 2 allows for very fine detailed engraving. While this is perfect for small text and/or intricate logos required of many indoor applications, the thicker cap of Gravoply 1 may be better for many industrial applications where long-term cap durability may be put to the test. Gravoply 2 comes standard with a matte surface finish, but we now have Gravoply 2 Gloss available which has a glossy clear
protective cap layer.


3-ply “double-faced” materials typically have a cap on either side of the core, so you can engrave on either side of the material.
However, this 3-ply “double-faced” material is constructed with 3 layers to be engraved from one side. The unique composition allows
you to create a 3-color interior sign with your engraver. Engrave to .004” (0.1 mm) to expose the first core, and to .012” (0.3 mm) to expose the second core.


It’s the plastic that looks like metal. Save weight and expense for all your indoor metallic applications! Most popular for creating badges. Available in a variety of colors and 3 surface styles. The original Metallex is constructed with a laminated metallic foil cap. Metallex 2 has a special
surface treatment to add scratch resistance to the beautiful yet sensitive metallic foil cap. Metallex Gloss has an added glossy clear protective cap layer over the metallic foil – designed for the ultimate in scratch resistance.


See Metallex. Metallex 2 has an extra clear coating that is applied to add more protection to the surface.


Available in black/white or silver/black. This .004” (0.09 mm) thick, adhesive backed laserable plastic is perfect for bar-codes, cylindrical labeling, ID plates or trophy plates. Sold in 4.72” x 32.8’ rolls (120 mm x 10 m rolls.)


A natural rubber product sold in sheets is perfect for creating high quality rubber stamps with your laser machine.


Phenolic is a very rigid fibrous product that can be susceptible to
humidity, but is usually chosen for its fire-retardant qualities.


The design of GravoTac provides the core (substrate) and cap (profile) layers separately. By outlining the desired images or text in the adhesive backed profile layer and peeling away the excess material, GravoTac creates raised letter signage compliant with Braille ADA regulations. The raised letter process is also a great way to create multi-colored signage
with your engraving machine.


This acrylic 2-ply is designed exclusively for subsurface engraving, and is suitable for outdoor applications. Gravoglas 1 has a thin
micro-cap on a very rigid clear solid acrylic core. The thin cap offers fine detailed engraving – and it is laserable too!


Designed with the same .01” (0.25 mm) cap thickness as our standard indoor plastic Gravoply 1, the UV stability of Gravoglas 2-Plex makes it perfect for all outdoor applications. Available in matte, glossy or textured surface finishes for surface or subsurface engraving.


Sold in sheet form, this .008” (0.2 mm) thick adhesive backed product is for use with a rotary engraver. It creates an industrial strength, permanently engraved sticker. The very flexible PVC construction allows it to conform to many product applications. This material is not suitable for laser engraving.


Available in clear, white, and black. Colors are often used for back plating, where you take acrylic and glue and add another material to the surface. This thickness adds to the appearance. Clear acrylic can be subsurface engraved.


Used to create vinyl lettering that appears on banners, windows, autos, etc. Typically cut with a vinyl plotter machine, this single-ply adhesive
backing material is perfect for almost any outdoor application. Available in .0032” (3.2 mil) thick calendered vinyl, or .0055” (5.5 mil) thick reflective vinyl. Sold in full rolls only.

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